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By Peter Elst

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Ce livre est fantastique. Vous allez découvrir l'autre face de Flash eight grâce à P.Elst et T.Yard. Fini de bricolage, ils vous livrent les meilleures bases de l. a. POO pour AS2. Et je peux vous dire que AS2 n'est pas mort.

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In particular, I want the class to bounce the ball whenever it hits a border. Just like before, we’re not concerned with the details of how the ball will bounce or how the borders are determined. Right now, I only need to invent the proper function names to cover the behavior I want to provide. qxd 1/18/06 10:55 AM Page 37 PLANNING Figure 4-2 shows the class diagram for Bouncer. Figure 4-2. Bouncer class diagram 1. The startMoving function in the Bouncer class sets the onEnterFrame event handler that calls the updatePosition function in the Mover class.

Context-sensitive code hints Code hints are all well and good, but the most important advantage of using strong typing is that it allows for easy debugging. If you declare a variable of type String and try to assign another data type to it, the compiler will send out an error warning you of a type mismatch: var foo:String = "Object-Oriented Flash 8"; foo = true; **Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 2: Type mismatch in assignment statement: found Boolean where String is required.

A company can have one or more employees; that sounds about right. Generalization is nothing more than a UML term for what we’ve been calling class inheritance. Using generalization in a class diagram shows what classes inherit from other classes. Let’s look at the example shown in Figure 4-8. Figure 4-8. UML generalization relationship As you can see, we’ve got a Dog and Cat class that both inherit from a Mammal superclass. A superclass or base class is the class that you use to base your new class on.

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